I guess I owned the most dirty Longchamp bag  on Earth~~~have been using/torturing this baby over 7 years~~so I send this baby to get a bag spa one day but the store told me they couldn't do anything  for this super dirty bag. This is why i try myself at home and got this wonderful result. Just want to share with everyone. 

這一咖包包在我們教會姐妹間很紅因為它實在是太胎哥了~~~~ 送洗的時候老板竟然拒收說沒救了 要我買一咖新的 所以死˙馬當活馬醫的結果非常令人驚豔所以分享給大家

This is how it looked when it's terribly dirty.這是原來髒兮兮的可憐樣子


I tried so many things and this mold killer really did a great job.反覆嘗試了很多清潔用品沒想到這罐除霉劑竟然讓它變白晰~~雖然包包沒發霉所有的髒污竟然可以對付


Firstly we have to hang this bag for protecting the leather parts and spray to the dirty spots. Basically this is so so so dirty that i had to clean the surface 5cm*5cm area each time, pretty tough work tough.用牙刷輕刷然後靜置~~當然掛著處理可以保護皮手把和蓋子部分

After struggling for 2 hours~~the baby looked much better and the color didn't change a bit.洗完沖水 小心皮件部份 晾乾 變的很乾淨ㄅ~~ 也沒有變色歐


Because this bottom has always been  saggy, I decided to make a base shaper with carton-board and duck tape.順便幫垮兮兮的她做個底座





 Wrap the board with duck tape. 只需要把紙板包起來


 See, the bottom is sturdy now. 看看 不用花錢就可以讓包包有個會挺的底


Here is What's in my bag ....this is pretty worthy to make it clean again. You can try it at home ~~~CIAO 變乾淨的包包真的又開始被疼愛了  想想自己這麼粗魯真的很對不起他  知道怎樣處理之後應該可以常常保持乾淨的臉蛋 ~~~~~


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